Mayor Education Consultancy Pvt. Ltd

Chairman's Message

- Mr. Raju Dhakal
Mayor Education Consultancy

In the present globally challenging context we are here to offer something different and versatile services. Being a professional I have found out many things that students face like challenges and difficulties, in their further studies.

Choosing a course is always tough for students and they have to make decisions precisely. All you have to do is have unwavering focus and commitment towards your future. But don’t feel alone when challenges arise, there are many who goes through toughness as you do. So, we are here to offer guidance in each step, we help students, and help with legal processing.

In conclusion, I would like to add that I feel great pride in all our previous work and hope that we will continue to deliver such excellent services long into the future. I feel privileged and honoured and would like to thank every single one of them who became a part of us during our journey. Lastly, best of luck and good luck for all the students.