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Study in Germany

Study in Germany

Germany is becoming a new education hub for international students from all over the globe. As Germany is a higher education paradise, unlike in any other country you will find many worldwide ranked universities, multiple course choices, globally valued degrees and affordable living costs. Moreover, Germany has a long and rich history of dynamic and vibrant lifestyle mixing the modern and the classics, the urban and the rural which will immerse and make you love every inch of stay in Germany. It’s no surprise that Germany is ranked among the world’s top destinations for international students. According to the latest official statistics, there are over 357,000 foreign students and with every passing year, foreign students seeking a university degree in Germany is increasing steadily.  With its worldwide recognized degree, thousands of scholars from all around the world trust their education to German universities. Due to many certain reasons, it’s obvious that Germany is soon to be a country with a huge number of international students flow. Due to no tuition fee, diverse community, affordable living cost, travel Europe in student visa, and work opportunities it has become one of the most popular destinations. 

Tuition-Free Education

Living in a 21st century with a rapidly changing world, higher education is becoming a necessity and cost of attending university are increasing faster. And with the decision which came into power in October 2014, which stated that all international students attending a public university in Germany would be free from paying normal tuition fees. This made Germany the only top education destination whose universities charges no tuition fees. Foreign/international students will only have to pay few administrative charges like student contribution, student union fee and a public transport ticket which account to around €250 per semester in total.

Top-ranked universities

According to the survey held in 2018, there are 429 public higher education institution functioning in Germany among which 106 are universities. There’s no denying to the fact that German universities are above global higher education standards. Some of the institutions and universities are consistently ranked among the world’s best universities. Not only it has been consistently ranked educational institutions but it also has a safe and friendly environment. Along with being able to study in globally reputed colleges/universities students are able to explore Europe in student visa as well. 

Fast facts about Germany

  1. One-third of the country is still covered in forest and woodland.

  2. More than 6 million litres of beer is being drunk at Oktoberfest each year.

  3. Germany has officially abolished college tuition fees.

  4. Chancellor Angela Merkel has her own Barbie doll.

  5. It’s illegal to run out of fuel in the German autobahn.

Hassle-free Documentation 

Documentation can be hectic for students applying abroad. Unlike other countries, applicants should not be submitting a pile of documents. There’s no burden of making piles and piles of documents as visa decision is based on academic performance. 

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Success Stories

I got introduced to MEC in the time when I was eager to go abroad for further studies but without a clue of what faculty to choose or what should be my next step. I’m glad that I made the right choice of choosing MEC at the right time. With the professional counselling, I was able to make up my mind.

- Romit Maharjan
Kingsford College

I’m happy to have been the part of MEC even for a short period of time. I’d like to thank every one of the staff of MEC for guiding and helping me with each detail. You made it look so easy.

- Sandip Thakuri
Melbourne Institute of Technology

I was known about Mayor through my friends and it was the best choice. They gave me the right advice from the start. With their help, all the admission related hassle instead became a wonderful experience for me.

- Prabigya Ojha
Diploma & Advanced Diploma (IT)