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Study in Norway

Study in Norway

Not to be surprised, despite being a small country Norwegian universities/colleges deliver quality education which is why it is becoming a nascent education centre for international students. Studying in Norway will surely develop career possibilities that too in the home country and abroad as well. However, an informal environment in the colleges might drop your jaw. A small number of students are taught in a class, teachers are easily approachable, and students are encouraged to develop a critical mind.  As an international student, you can also get a part-time job, with an upper limit of 20 hours a week.

Tuition-free nation

Being a small country with big resources, it is a priority of the Norwegian government to maintain and develop an education system of high quality, which is open to all despite the student’s social and economic background, including international students. The educational system in Norway is generally state-supported which ensures that access to education is equal for all. Most institutions have no tuition fees which makes it more favourable for the international students. 

Quality Education

Along with free education, high quality or standard of education in  Norwegian universities/colleges have led to more and more international students to choose Norway as their study destination. However, the expectation that students should be responsible for their own learning can be a challenge for international students considering all the opportunities on and off-campus.

Multiple programmes and courses are taught in English, which makes it easier for international students. A high level of English in society, in general, makes it easy for both study and live in Norway.

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Success Stories

I got introduced to MEC in the time when I was eager to go abroad for further studies but without a clue of what faculty to choose or what should be my next step. I’m glad that I made the right choice of choosing MEC at the right time. With the professional counselling, I was able to make up my mind.

- Romit Maharjan
Kingsford College

I’m happy to have been the part of MEC even for a short period of time. I’d like to thank every one of the staff of MEC for guiding and helping me with each detail. You made it look so easy.

- Sandip Thakuri
Melbourne Institute of Technology

I was known about Mayor through my friends and it was the best choice. They gave me the right advice from the start. With their help, all the admission related hassle instead became a wonderful experience for me.

- Prabigya Ojha
Diploma & Advanced Diploma (IT)