Mayor Education Consultancy Pvt. Ltd

Why Mayor?

Why Mayor?

Our Experience
Since its establishment, to date, we have been collecting a good experience. Not only for us, even for our clients due to the welcoming and homely environment they had a good and successful experience.
Our People
We are a team of professionals who have been into related field holding experience. Each staff is very responsible and focused on their designated work.
Media Presence
For those who cannot walk into our offices, we are in media as well. Our media presence has made it easier for people to get in touch with us. We have our official website and we are on facebook as well.
Locational Advantage
To make it easier for people to reach us we are at three main cities of Nepal i.e. Kathmandu, Chitwan, and Pokhara. Due to our presence in different locational, it's easier for people to advantage.

Credible Chairman
As our chairman is not only an entrepreneur but also a member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, our clients can rely on him. Due to his credibility and work ethics, Mayor stands tall in short span of time winning thousands of heart.
Sound relationship with Government and Financial institutions
Since its establishment till date, we have been maintaining a sound relationship with Government and financial institution. No barrier or hindrance will come on the way before, during, or after the processing from government and financial institutions.
Own and strategic resources for IELTS / TOFEL preparation classes
Here at MEC, we provide IELTS/TOFEL preparation classes for the students. Not only that, but we also have strategic resources for the classes in case of seat unavailability.

Our Strength

S. No Designation Number Years of experience
1. Chairman 1 More than 10 years
2. CEO 1 More than 10 years
3. Operation Director 1 More than 5 years
4. Senior Counselor 2 More than 5 years
5. Deputy Counselor 1 More than 2 years
6. Counselor 3 More than 2 years
7. Head of Public Relationship Manager, and Media Management 1 More than 2 years
8. HR and Admin Head 1 More than 2 years
9. Document Executive 1 More than 2 years
10. Field Marketing and Relationship Officer 4 More than 2 years
11. Other Office Staff 3 More than 1 year


Our Consultants

We focus on doing our day to day activities and manage our support activities through specialist. Currently we have three dedicated and experienced specialists whose roles in MEC are: